Diamond Resin Wheels

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These diamond resin wheels are an economical option compared to Nova and Flex wheels. Use for cabbing, smoothing, contour grinding and pre-polishing of stone, glass and synthetic material. They are manufactured using premium diamond grit that gets locked into a specially formulated resin bond. Wheels are color-coded for easy grit identification. A break-in period is not required. 6″ wheels are 1-1/2″ W, 8″ wheels are 2″ W. All wheels have 1″ arbor and come with pop-out bushings. Important purchasing note: These wheels are individually handmade, resulting in variations of texture and finish. These variations will not affect wheel performance. Colors may vary.

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Regular, Regular, Regular, 6" 14000 Grit – Blue Grey, Regular, 6" 3000 Grit – Pink, 6" 50000 Grit – Light Grey, Regular, 6" 8000 Grit – Yellow, 8" 60 Grit – Dark Green, 8" 1200 Grit – Green, 8" 140 Grit – Light Brown, 8" 14000 Grit – Blue Grey, 8" 280 Grit – Black, 8" 3000 Grit – Pink, 8" 50000 Grit – Light Grey, 8" 600 Grit – Dark Brown


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