Hi-Tech Slant Cabber 6″


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Our American-made Slant Cabber lap machine is a uniquely-angled flat lap machine. Grind smooth and polish rocks and minerals to make free-form shapes and cabochons for necklaces earrings rings and other jewelry pieces. Create flats for larger pieces or on the backs of cabochons. It’s also well-suited for polishing a large variety of natural and synthetic gem material enamels and metals. The unique angled design provides improved visibility and allows you to sit while you work instead of standing. The Slant Cabber is available in both 6″ and 8″ models and comes with an accessory kit specially designed for grinding smoothing and polishing rocks and minerals. (If you plan on polishing glass and/or crystal we suggest purchasing the Slant Cabber glass/crystal model.)

The Hi-Tech Diamond Slant Cabber lap machine is manufactured with a 1/2″ arbor and powered by a 1/4 hp heavy-duty ball bearing DC motor. This motor is variable speed so you can work at whatever pace you desire delivering speeds from 800 rpm to 3 400 rpm. This portable machine can be used anywhere. Whether you’re at home in the shop or on the road this quiet machine won’t disturb others around you. It’s lightweight rustproof and impact-resistant making it even easier to travel with.

The water reservoir which holds about a quart of water prevents heat buildup while you work and removes dust particles so you don’t inhale any harsh chemicals. Our innovative durable water tube has a water control valve so you can control the water flow while you work. The black splash guard keeps water off you so you don’t get soaked while you work. Cleanup is as simple as it gets: Just flush the bottom water reservoir with clean water and you’re ready to work again.

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 14 in