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The Tumble-Bee 2×2 is a rotary rock tumbler that comes complete with two 2lb-capacity barrels. This model is a great choice for small scale tumbling needs and is the perfect size for professional tumbling of smaller material such as stones, glass and deburring and polishing metals. Two barrels allow you to tumble two different materials or use two different grits at once. It’s also a great choice for two people to use at the same time. The Tumble-Bee 2×2 is available with an optional rock tumbler kit that includes TWO sets of all of the rock, grit and polish you need to successfully polish a batch of stones. It’s a great starter kit for beginners and allows you to tumble right out of the box.

Included with the Tumble-Bee 2×2

Important purchasing note

Tumble-Bee rock tumblers are ONLY available in 115 volt power supply. They come with the standard U.S. plug.

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